Scooter day 3 – to Cala d’Hort, Es Vedra, Sas Salines, Platja d’en Bossa and Ibiza Town, Ibiza

Steve and I get drinks at Itaca in the morning, and check our emails. We head back to the hotel and relax. In the afternoon we rent scooters again from the same people.

We drive south, passing some of the beautiful beaches and coves we have passed before stopping at Cala d’Hort. We stop for a swim and views of Es Vedra. Cala d’Hort is one of the best beaches we have seen. The water is crystal clear, and the view of the islands is beautiful.

We continue on, passing sights we have seen before. We head down towards the airport, stopping at the Sas Salines salt flats. They are not quite what I was expecting. We stop at a shop and grab a nice little Ibizan pie.

We continue south, but soon run out of road. We head back north, and onto Platja d’En Bossa. It’s more developed than I had expected, but still a nice area. We ride north, until eventually stopping in Ibiza town.

We park up at our usual spot and spend an hour or so walking around. We stop for a beer, and then go back to the Spanish restaurant for food. We head back to San Antonio after 22:00, taking the busy main road, which isn’t ideal on scooters, but gets us back safe.

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Lazy recovery day at the beach

Steve and I wake late. We take a walk down to the Itaca cafe. The Dutch girl Steve had planned to meet doesn’t appear. We drink coffee, orange juice and check our emails.

After strolling around we head to the hotel, and then for the beach. We laze around and work on our tans. We are both still feeling tired after our night out.

We get back to the hotel. I take a long walk along the coastline from the sunset strip to San Antonio bay. I have felt a little bored today. I feel that I have done everything I have wanted to in Ibiza. We are renting scooters for the next few days. That will be exciting. We will see the parts of the island we missed on the first trip. It will also pass the time.

In the evening we head for drinks and something to eat.

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Recovery day

We spend the day recovering from the night before. I know partying does not agree with me anymore. Perhaps it is the large gap of 10 months without partying that has made me feel this way. Perhaps it is my age. Either way, this has been a great holiday, with lots of partying, but something tells me that this might be my last partying experience.

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Ibiza town and then party night in San Antonio

Steve and I head into Ibiza town. We stop for coffee ad juice, and then head into the old village. We walk right around to the top. We are both stunned by the age and beauty of the old village. There are many ghetto like areas, which provide a bizarre sight with the affluent and rich Ibiza town in the background. We take a walk around a few of the lanes by the port. We catch the bus back to San Antonio.

We decide to head out for one last big night. He have supplies to use up. We plan on just staying around the San Antonio area. We leave a bit later than expected, and miss the sunset. He head towards Savanna and can’t resist the offer of a free shot. We spend some time there, where we get given a pass for one of the big clubs. Steve blags another. I am not that keen on going, but don’t let on. As the night progresses Steve decides he is not that keen to head to the other side of the island. We continue our night by having a drink at Itaca, at the other side of the bar. We can’t find the vibe we are after, and have a drink at the El Tulip bar. Steve meets a Dutch girl there, and agrees to meet here for a coffee on Tuesday. We then head back to Cafe Mambo, where we see the night out until 03:30. We head back to the hotel to wind down.

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A day at the beach, our bags get stolen. Ibiza.

We have coffee and check our emails in the morning. In the afternoon we head to the beach. We spend over an hour floating around on our lilos. We both return to our stuff. I go for a swim, and Steve goes to the shop. When I am swimming I see Steve talking to a girl and looking around. I go over and Steve says that our bags have been taken. The girl says she saw two Spanish guys take them, thought it was suspicious but didn’t know whose bags they were. We take a walk around the beach, but cannot see anything. Two eastern European guys say they saw two Moroccan looking guys take our bags. We feel angry and stupid. I have lost a few worthless things, but also my phone, some cash and the bag itself. Steve has lost his camera, with 6 weeks of photos.

We walk back to the hotel rather deflated. Steve is angry, but I deal with it quickly. When we get back I head straight out and replace my flip-flops and sunscreen, the things I need. Steve says he will make do without.

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Pacha nightclub, Ibiza town, Ibiza

In the evening we catch the bus into Ibiza town. We stroll around and find some bars we had seen on our last visit. We take up the offer of buy-one-get-one-free, but beer costs €9, so its still very expensive. We get chatting to some people from Manchester. We then buy our tickets for Pacha. Many people had told us this is the club to visit, so we deicide to head there tonight. We find a great Italian restaurant and get a god meal inside us before the night begins.

Steve and I both dislike cues and walk over to Pacha at around 1am. We get in quickly and head around the club. Once we have our bearings he head out to the terrace bar, where the heat is cooler. We spend the night milling around between the house room, the terrace and occasionally the main room, although the music gets harder and harder as the night goes on. Steve ends up chatting to a Russian girl who is very friendly. Steve and I both are wary of her, but Steve ends up chatting with her. We later deduce that she is a prostitute, and her ‘boyfriend’ is her pimp. We laughed when we realise. Steve later goes back and talks with her. She suddenly forgets how to speak English when he says he thinks she is a prostitute. We say goodbye and leave her to her work. Steve had changed some notes with her before, and later thought that she had given him a fake €50 note, as the note did not have a foil. The day after I realise that the €50 and €100 notes have different foils, and she did not rip him off. We also saw a guy getting ejected with force. He kept shouting that the bouncers wanted his money. The put up a good fight, and it took the bouncers a long time to get him downstairs. A big crowd has formed. Steve and I both thought about what was actually going on. Was it someone being removed for partying too hard, or something more sinister?

We have a great night and when the sun rises, and the club starts closing at 7am we head back to Ibiza town. We wander up the streets and wait for the bus. We don’t wait long. The bus is busy, and we have to stand for the first part of the journey. It is perhaps the hardest 30 minute journey I have ever done. We were sweating right from the start, even though the bus was air conditioned. The bus seems to stop at every stop, with people jostling for position. We get seats about half way through the trip. There are some other clubbers on the bus. The Spaniards, making their way to work, don’t bat and eyelid at us; they have seen it all before.

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Scooter day 2 – around the north of Ibiza Island

Steve and I jump on the scooter early. We head north to Sant Agnes, and grab a coffee.

We then wind our way through the beautiful mountain roads of the north. We stop at Port de Sant Miquel de Balansat. We take a swim in the warm and clear water. We soon hit the road again, stopping along the mountain road as the views are amazing. We continue to a gas station near Sant Joan, and then head south. We cut inland to Es Cana. We stop for something to eat. When we set off again we head down the coastal road, stopping at the hippy market which we pass.

We head further south, stopping at Cala Llonga, for our last swim of the day. The Jellyfish we have seen earlier in the week are around, and we only have a brief swim. We jump back on the scooters and head back towards San Antonio.

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Scooter day 1 – around the south of Ibiza island

Steve and I arrange some scooter hire. The friendly English guy picks us up and he head over to San Antonio bay. We do all the paperwork and head off. It is great fun riding the scooters. They are definitely the best way to get around the island. We head east and ride until we get to Cala Conta. There are lots of people around and the views are beautiful. We hand around and enjoy the sun.

We then head south along the coast road to Cala Moli. We take a swim and relax for a while. We then head further south to Cala Vedella. We stop at the top of the hill and enjoy the amazing views. We head down and park up. There are lots of families enjoying the beach. The water is surprisingly polluted. Steve gets chatting to a crazy Italian guy, and gives him a lift to the top of the hill on the other side of the bay.

We continue on south towards Es Vedra. We’re not sure where to stop for the best views of the island, and eventually pass Es Vedra. We decide to keep going and return there another day.

We carry on riding, passing lots of beautiful vistas. We end up in Ibiza town, where we park up. We take a good walk around, taking in the various sights of the capital town. We stop for food at a good looking Spanish restaurant. The food is great and the atmosphere of the narrow streets is also great. After talking to some people we jump back on the scooters and head back towards San Antonio. The drive back along the main road is not good, as the road is big and busy. But at least it is a quick road. We park the bikes up near our hotel.

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A bit of rest, and another night in San Antonio

We get some rest in the morning. We decide to go out again tonight, although it might be a bit risky for a couple of old dodgers like us. We go out and explore more bars. We avoid the west end as we realise it isn’t really our thing. We do discover the bars around the lower end of San Antonio bay, especially Itaca. We go back to Cafe Mambo and Savannahs, which we like a lot. We meet 3 Spanish girls and enjoy chatting to them. Steve does most of the talking, as his Spanish is better. We say goodbye to the Spanish girls and head back to the hotel room, where we wind down.

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