Ko Phi Phi Island, Thailand

Ko Phi Phi is an island off the east coast of Thailand. The island is beautiful, made up of limestone crabs and hills, and home to some of the best diving and snorkeling in Thailand.  But Phi Phi is home to mainly package tourists, which has caused accomodation prices to rocket (700 Baht for the cheapest room), and you have to work hard to get away from the dense packs of tourists and tourist related services.  

Backpackers and budget travellers should consider whether a visit to Phi Phi is for them.  Accomodation costs are high and there are few, easily accesible bays around the island offering the lazy hammock swiming vibe you might be after.  For backpackers I personaly recommend skipping Ko Phi Phi and spending your time and money on the southwestern islands.

Backpacker tips for visiting Ko Phi Phi

  • Research the islands bays before you arrive. Descide where you want to stay and book before you arrive.  Competition is fierce between those arriving by boat and looking for accommodation.
  • You’ll pay a high premium for a sea view.  Many resorts are big and your room could effectively be a short walk from the beachfront.  Save money by staying slightly inland, where the guesthouses are cheaper.
  • If you’re staying for a few nights try and negotiate a better price with your guesthouse.
  • Look around for resturants offering traditional Thai food, they can be half the price of the tourist resturants.
  • Water and other essential supplies are cheaper from local run stalls than corner stores.


Accommodation is difficult to find on Ko Phi Phi during the high season (Octobet to May).  A basic room will cost from 700Baht and will be away from the beach.  There are several tourist information centres just past the jetty with pictures and prices of the guesthouses.  You can choose your accommodation and the staff will book it for you.  This is the best option to avoid walking around and finding everywhere full.  When boats arrive at the jetty large groups of people descend on these tourist information centres, snapping up just about everyroom. 

Phi Phi Don Chukit
tel: 075 618126
Greatly overpriced and grotty rooms.  The resort is right next to the beach, but the cheaper rooms and a little walk into the island.  Nothing special about this place.  Towels included.  A 10 minute walk from the boat jetty.  Rooms from 1,000 Baht. 1 out of 10.

Getting there and away

Several boat companies run services between the islands.

xx insert south west boat info

Ko Phi PhiPhuket09:00, 13:30, 14:30350Baht

Getting around

There are no roads on Ko Phi Phi.  Motorcycles and sidecars run people and their luggage around.  Most resorts will send a porter and cart to collect your luggage. 

Longtail boats are available to places all around the island, and you can find them anywhere.  A trip to Longbeach costs 100Baht.

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