Hanoi, Vietnam


The old quarter is the best place for cheap accommodation and atmosphere.

Manh Dung Guesthouse
Tam Thung

tel: 826 7201

[email protected] P Tam Thoung

Nice rooms, but staff are very pushy in selling their travel tours,
which gets annoying quickly.  The rooms are nicely decorated and
come with towels.  AC is also available in some rooms.
 Breakfast, laundry and internet available.  Try across the
road for better value and an easier life.  Rooms from 200,000 Dong.

Tung Trang Hotel
13 Tham Thuong
tel: 8286267
[email protected]
Nice hotel, good value rooms and run by friendly people.  BUT,
when I asked to see a room they showed me 2 rooms with peoples
belongings in.  Rooms have hot water and TV.  A good option,
but take your key with you.  Rooms from 190,000Dong.

Tham Thung Guesthouse

Gruby rooms and pushy staff.  A noisy building too.  The
travel agent downstairs is not an official Sinh Cafe.  190,000Dong.

Taxi’s in Hanoi have a scam where the driver has a secret button that
increases the taxi fare as they drive along.  If the driver is
keen to use the meter, watch them and the meter.  Sit in the front
if you can.  Either tell them before you get in that you know
about the scam, or tell them to stop when they start doing it.
 Agree a fare price before you set off to stop the problem

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