A day at the beach, our bags get stolen. Ibiza.

We have coffee and check our emails in the morning. In the afternoon we head to the beach. We spend over an hour floating around on our lilos. We both return to our stuff. I go for a swim, and Steve goes to the shop. When I am swimming I see Steve talking to a girl and looking around. I go over and Steve says that our bags have been taken. The girl says she saw two Spanish guys take them, thought it was suspicious but didn’t know whose bags they were. We take a walk around the beach, but cannot see anything. Two eastern European guys say they saw two Moroccan looking guys take our bags. We feel angry and stupid. I have lost a few worthless things, but also my phone, some cash and the bag itself. Steve has lost his camera, with 6 weeks of photos.

We walk back to the hotel rather deflated. Steve is angry, but I deal with it quickly. When we get back I head straight out and replace my flip-flops and sunscreen, the things I need. Steve says he will make do without.

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