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Dragoman Overland
01728 861133
Asia, Africa, Latin Americas
Oasis Overland
01963 363 400 (UK)
Uk to Cape Town, UK to Nairobi, UK to Cairo, Cape Town to Cairo
tel: 0800 068 8855 (UK)
Borneo, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, India, Laos,
Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Tibet, Vietnam
On The Go
020 7371 1113 (UK)
Africa, China, Egypt, India, Jordan, Russia, Sri Lanka, Transiberia,
tel: 0871 218 0820
USA, Alaska,Canada, Mexico, Central & South America, Australia
Exploratory Overland Expeditions
tel: 01564 829 242
Alaska, London to Sydney, Alaska to Brazil, London to Cape Town,
Around Australia
Tucan Travel
tel: 020
8896 1600 (UK)
Latin America, Cuba, Antarctica

tel: 0208 641 1443 (UK)
London to Sydney – 20 countries in 12 weeks, through Europe, sMiddle
East and Southeast Asia

Facts you need to

  • You will spend much of the trip in the company of
    your fellow travelers – you need to be able to get along with people
    easily.  It is a great way to meet people, and to share experiences and

  • Most trips involve spending lots of time sitting in
    the moving truck.  Countries like India require spending lots of time on
    bad roads and being stuck in traffic jams.

  • The trip
    has an itinerary
    and the group can make small amendments to this.  But, you cannot get off the truck for
    a few days, as the truck will go without

What to

  • Almost

    everyday will have an early start (between 5 and 7
    am) – whether it is to get on the road early, or to experience the local

  • Expect lots of time on the truck.  6 – 14 hours of
    driving per day is normally.  Road quality varies and many will be dirt or

  • Be prepared to get your hands dirty and muck-in with
    the jobs.  Tables, chairs, washing equipment, tents and everything else
    needed for self sufficient survival need to be prepared, and cleaned at every

  • Bush toilets are the norm when bush camping

Expect lots of inquisitive visitors when bush
camping.  The locals will say hello, ask  questions and offer their
services.  They are normally very resource people.


  • Overland trips take the hassle out of
    traveling.  They deliver you from door to door, via monuments and
    national parks.  This is particular good for out of the way places, which
    can take days to visit using public transport connections.

  • The

    transport is more luxurious than public transport. 
    Some companies have on board fridges and music.

  • The trips are good value when you factor accommodation
    costs, connection costs and the time saved traveling point to point.


  • The good overland companies
    have an army of helpers across the countries they
    tour.  Local guides and their teams meet the trucks on approaches to cities
    to guide them straight to their hotels.  These guides can help you with
    any requirements you might need.  The same guides normally provide local
    transport for your sightseeing around the cities.  If you are lucky you
    might be invited to the guides house for home style cooking.  This is highly
    recommended as the food and hospitality is normally fabulous.  Many
    of the guides have been working with
    overland companies
    for up to
    30 years, and their experience shows when you are in their company.  This sort of personal touch
    make a big difference to your stay in a


There a lots of Overland companies.  Here is the
run down on a



Operating trips throughout South America, Africa and
across central Asia, Dragoman are one of the biggest and best companies
operating overland trips.  Whilst chatting with the staff they said they
had worked for a number

of overland companies, and both had come back to
work for Dragoman, who were definitely the best in their opinion.

The Dragoman trucks are custom made, the staff go

a 3 month induction period, a large part of
which is actually building and repairing the trucks. Good news indeed.


also operate family trips which are very popular and
perfect if you want to explore Africa or Asia with children.


have taken over the Encounter company, which no longer
runs overland trips, instead concentrating on other areas of travel tourism. 
Dragoman operate several of the Encounter trucks on their old routes,
labelled Encounter trips in

the Dragoman brocher.  The Encounter trips tend to me
longer, cost less but have one trip leader instead of two.


Dragoman employ a full time cook who travels with the truck.

Overland Club

I’ve heard bad
things about this company, and recommend you do not use them.

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