Recommended Travel Blogging resources

Whether you are new to travel blogging or and old hat, there are always resources that can help you. I have listed and discussed some of the online resources I use.

Travel blogs

Here are some of the most popular, and my favorite travel blogs. Look at what people are doing, and learn from their work and experiences.

  • Ed’s gone south – A great travel blog of Ed’s adventures, mainly my motorbike. Not updated very often though. I guess he’s too busy traveling?
  • Hobo Traveler – An old and established blog written by Andy. Andy has traveled with world for 10 years with the money he makes from his site. The site is quite cluttered though, mainly because Andy rarely gets to go online and tinker with his site.

Travel directories

Directories are a great way of getting more visitors, and backlinks to your website or blog. Here are some travel directories you should consider submitting your website to:


Making money blogs

There are a number of blogs that have lots of good information about blogging, and making money from your blog or website.

  • – Darren’s blog is full of great information about good blogging, and monetizing your blog. He is very experienced and regarded as one of the best, no-nonsense bloggers.
  • ShoeMoney – Jeremy is a master at making money online. His blog is often controversial, but crammed with good information and his own research and findings. Don’t believe everything though. His disclaimer even says you should consider everything he says is a lie.

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