Long haul flights on Boeing 747 planes

Long haul flights on Boeing 747, and similar aircraft, are unique. These tips will help make the long journey easier.

747s tend to operate on journeys of 5 to 16 hours, which is a long time. They hold typically 400+ passengers in economy, business and first class.

On board entertainment

Modern 747-400 series aircraft, used by the top airlines, offer incredible on board entertainment. On-demand systems beam the movie, TV program or music of your choice to your personal screen and headphones. This makes the journey pass much more quickly.

In flight meals

Most flights include at least 1 hot meal. Flights longer than 5 hours will include more meals, drinks and snacks.

Extras pack

Quality operators will provide you with an extras pack which includes items to make the journey more pleasant. These include:

  • a blanket
  • a pillow
  • an eye mask
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • headphones for the entertainment system
  • a pair of socks

Business class upgrades

If the flight is full booked, and there are more economy passengers than seats the crew will normally move people from economy class to business class. This normally happens when checking-in. If you want to try for a free upgrade just ask. You will need to be relatively smartly dressed, with shoes, no shorts and preferably a shirt.

Best seats in the house

The best place to sit is typically near the front of the aircraft. You will be served your meals first, and the ride is typically more comfortable. The closer to the wings you are, the nosier the journey.

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