Sunauli, the border crossing between India and Nepal

The Sunauli border crossing between
India and Nepal is
surely one of the liveliest in the world.  The customs and immigration
offices flank the chaotic road that carries traffic between the two

Note : Buses do not cross the
border, so do not buy tickets that promise to do so.  All passengers must
disembark buses on one side of the border, cross the border, and join a different bus in the
other country.

Money: You can change your Nepali and
India rupees at the border.  Approach an official money lender and agree a
1% commission charge, rather than a fix rate. The conversion rate is fixed at 1.6
Nepali rupees to Indian.

In terms of planning, it’s chaos.  There is no where
to park a vehicle and no clear instructions or direction on the steps required
to cross the border.  it is a fairly efficient place though.  You’re
likely to be through the whole process in about 2 hours.

The shops around the border sell pretty much anything you
might need.  There are also streets sellers who can help you out, but keep
your whits about you.

The best restaurants and pretty much your only chance of
finding a beer are on the Nepali side of the border.  The Indian side has
nothing in terms of tourist related services.

There is no real reason to stay in Sunauli, but if you do
the Nepali side offers a lot more.  My advice would be to keep going and
not to stick around.

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