A cheap day in Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful
country, offering lots to do and see, and at a very resonable price. 
Tourist areas like Kathmandu and Pokhara can be expensive
if you do everything on offer.  However, Nepal is one of the cheapest places in
the world to stay if you just kick back, live like a local and enjoy some of the
world’s finest views.

The minimum cost of staying in Nepal

If you stay in a remote non-touristy area your costs will be minimal, but you
can achieve the same cost per day in Pokhara, which is a great place to
lose a week or even a couple of months.  Here is an example of the
minimum daily cost of staying in Pokhara.

Item Cost
Accomodation at Banana Lodge, Pokhara NRS100
Breakfast – fruit, pancake or pastry and tea NRS30
Lunch – Sandwich, curry, pastry, MoMos, soup or daal bhaat and tea NRS80
Dinner- Curry, daal bhaat and tea NRS100
2 litres of water NRS30
Total NRS340

So a budget say in Pokhara will cost you NRS340 per day.  Keep in mind
that a taxi ride will cost NRS100+ and a bottle of beer

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