Hashish and marijuana in Nepal

Nepal is famous for its high quality hashish, but it has been illegal since 1973 and the penalties for possession are severe.

However, if you decide you do want to try the Nepali hash then here are a few points:

  • In the Thamel region of Kathmandu and in Pokhara
    there are many guys selling hashish. If you are a Westerner then they are
    likely to mutter “hashish” as they pass you by. Speak to one of these guys,
    and they will suggest going down a side street. Have your wits about you. They
    are likely to offer you a big lump (10 grams and more) and the price is
    flexible. If the quantity is too much (e.g. 10 grams is a lot for a week) tell
    them you only want half, many will break it in half for you.

  • In Pokhara some of the guys renting boats at the beautiful
    Phewa lake sell hashish. There is probably no better place to roll one up than in the
    middle of the lake once you have rented a boat. Take care though!

  • Some restaurants will tolerate you smoking
    joints.  They tend to be the western orientated restaurants, with a
    chilled vibe, maybe a TV that they shown western TV and movies on.  Try
    the Once Upon A Time restaurant in Pokhara;

    to the back on the right where you sit on the rug to eat. Always be

  • Hashish is illegal in Nepal. Expect to pay the price if you get caught.

1 thought on “Hashish and marijuana in Nepal”

  1. its Good
    The Above mentioned points sounds good however there are more beautiful places to visit which offer better and natural compared weed compared to the ones sold in thamel or pokahara.

    Places like Malayku, Galchi, Gorkha, Lamjung and Mustang offers THE BEST AND THE SO CALLED A 1 quality weed.

    Yes, It is Illegal in Nepal and people needs to be careful while carrying it. CHEAT BUT DONT GET CAUGHT AND ITS GOOD.


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