My Favorite Place to Write Travel Blogs

As I travel, and as I write, I discover new places that
are good for either, and some times both. My daily travel blog is often just a
summary of the days activites, with any thoughts I have had as a result of my

Often I write information pages about the place I am
visiting.  For this I generally need somewhere quiet, peaceful and
beautiful.  Here are my favorites, in a rough sort of order:

  1. Pokhara, Nepal – A town on the edge of
    a beautiful lake, backed by the Himalaya.  So many things I enjoy, that
    It would surely take me years to tire of the place.  From my moutain view
    hotel room I can wirte and wirte and write.

  2. Patnem Beach, Goa, India
    – A beautiful, little developed beach on the sun-drenched coast of Goa. 
    With swimming, walks and boat rides to keep me occupied.  I loved writing
    here, sitting in my beach hut looking out at the Indian Ocean.  With
    perhaps my favrotie food in the world, this is a cheap place to stay.

  3. Algarve, Portugal – I love camping with my camper van in the
    Algarve.  I can write between surfing, walks and bike rides, normally
    parked at the beach looking at the waves.

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