Muang Ngoi Neua, Laos

Muang Ngoi Neua is a small isolated village in Laos, overlooking the Nam Ou river.  Many people come
here for the good trekking, to relax doing very little, or to go
tubing.  The town is a new comer to tourism.  Accommodation
is almost all basic, electricity is via generators typically from 6pm
until 10:30pm, there are no telephones or Internet connections,
although some people are able to make satellite phone calls should you
need to.

This village is a traditional Laos settlement, with chickens, cats
and dogs running around.  There are also a lot of bugs and insects
in Muang Ngoi Neua, which are difficult to avoid.  The views of
the river and hillsides are good, although not as good as Nong Khiaw.

Strangely there is a lot of  inaccuracy in guide book listings
for Muang Ngoi Neua.  Rooms and restuaratns and innacuratly
described in Lonely Planet and Rough Guide editions.  It may be
that the people of Muang Ngoi Neua are selling their business names to
other people.  Check anywhere you eat or stay with a curious eye.

There are various places to eat, either at guest house resturants or
at the few eateries than line the lane through the village.
 The guesthouse restaurants near the boat landing are a good bet.
 Western food is often hit-and-miss, and sticking to local dishes
is generally a good idea.

There are lots of supply shops selling just about anything you might
need at resonable prices, including cigarettes, washing power, drinks,
snacks and more.


Accommodation in Muang Ngoi Neua consists of basic thatch huts.
 The first wave of huts built have shared bathrooms, and some
private bathrooms with squat toilets, and cost 20,000Kip per night.
 The more modern huts are more sturdy and have western style
bathrooms, costing 30,000Kip per night.  There are a lot of places
to chose from, so take your time and look around.  A lot of places
have views over the river.  Almost all places provide lighting via
generators at night, but very few offer electrical power sockets, so charge
anything important before getting on the boat.

Nicksa’s Accommodation and Resturant

Some of the newest huts in the village, run by a lovely family with
fairly good English.  They have 5 modern huts, with western bathrooms (cold showers),
over looking the river.  Each hut has 2 hammocks, chairs outside,
a table inside, and towels are provided.  There are lightbulbs in
the bathroom, bedroom and outside, which come on from about 6pm to
10:30pm, no power sockets though.  A candle is also provided.  The resturant overlooks
the river, but donesnt seem to be the same place that might be listed
in your guidebook.  At the top of the lane from the boat landing,
turn right and about 100m later your see signs on the right hand side.
Huts cost 50,000Kip per night.

Phetdavanh Guest House

Accommodation in a traditional building, rather than a hut.  But
you’re still likely to get some bugs in your rooms, despite what your
guidebook might say.  Away from the river, so no views.  All
of the 10 rooms have shared bathrooms.  The owner told me they
have 24 hour power, but it wasn’t the case when I passed by in the
dark.  This is where the cool people tend to collect.  At the
top of the lane from the boat landing. Rooms are 30,000Kip per night.

Ning Nong Guesthouse
Conveniently located just left of the boat landing, with several rooms
inside a larger builder, rather than huts.  The ensuite bathrooms
are of solid concrete construction, and are clean.  The rooms have
quite a few visitors in the night, including rodents and some big
spiders.  50,000Kip per night.

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