Where to buy a guitar in Kuta, Bali

If you’re looking to buy a guitar in Kuta, Bali there are a few options.

1. Matahari Department Store
Matahari sell acoustic guitars from around IRP500,000.
They are called Sky Lark and are resonable good. Fine for everyday playing. The strings are reasonably good, not rusty, superlight about 10 gauge.

I also bought a immitation leather carry bag for the guitar for IRP 58,000. It offers fair protection, is easy to carry, and has some pockets.

Matahari also sell classical guitars from about IRP300,000. I didn’t try one, but they seemed OK.

2. On Poppies I lane

Near the top of Poppies I lane there is a shop with a few guitars in. They are priced from IRP 600,000. I didn’t try them, but they looked OK. I think they are Sky Lark guitars, just like the Matahari store above. So take a walk to save a few quid.

Whilst walking back from buying my guitar at the Matahari a western guy stopped me and asked where I bought it from. So, if ever you want to sell a guitar you should be able to do it easily. Just walk around with a for sale sign on it, or sit on the beach with a for sale sign.

The local guys will definitely buy it from you, but you’ll get less from them.

I bought an acoustic guitar in Yogjakarta in 2008 for IRP 175,000. It was ok, and slim, but not very well made. When I changed the strings, they were a heavier gauge, and after a little while the weight of the strings pulled the saddle off the body. I left it with a guy in Vietnam to fix and keep.

The Sky Lark guitar I bought in 2009 in Kuta was much better made. The action is maybe a little high for advanced players, but I play slide guitar so it suited me fine.

If you buy a cheap acoustic guitar, keep the strings superlight gauge.

Have you bought a guitar in Kuta? Let us know in the comments below.

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