Cameron Highlands, Malaysia


The Cameron Highlands are a scenic landscape of tea and fruit plantations. The altitude is fairly high offering cool temperatures.

Sights and Activities

  • Jungle walk – The Cameron Highlands offer many excellent walks and treks through jungle trails with excellent views.
  • Tea Plantation visit – visit on of the many tea plantations to see how things are grown. Try the Sungai Palas Boh Tea Estate, north of Tanah Rata. It’s best to visit with a rented motorbike, rent a taxi or a 5 km walk from the bus stop on the Kampung Raja bound bus.
  • Cream Tea – sit back and enjoy a cream tea whilst taking in the views of the highlands.


See the Cameroin Highlands bus information for details of public and private bus services.

Renting a motorbike is the best way to explore the Camperon Highlands (RM30 per half day). Try AJ Travels around the corner from Restaurant Bunga Suria, Tanah Rata.

Tanah Rata

Tanah Rata is the main town and traveler center. The town is a little rough, but has some nice views and is the most convient place for exploring the highlands and for onward travel.

Accommodation in Tanah Rata

Mini-buses from the biggest guesthouses meet the buses that arrive at the bus station, but most are only a short walk anyway.

Father’s Guest House
t: 491 2484
PO Box 15, Tanah Rata
A wide choice of accommodation,with great views and a whole range of traveler services. Set in scenic grounds a few minutes walk from Tanah Rata town center. There is a great range of accommodation from dorms (RM10) and rooms (RM20 – RM80). There is a good cafe, internet access, comfortable lounge with WiFi and an excellent travel agents.

Hillview Inn
Jl Mentigi
t: 491 2915 17
Spotless, carpeted rooms. The cheapest have shared bathrooms and no views, the most expensive have nice ensuite bathrooms, hot water and reasonable views from a balcony. The most expensive are very nice indeed. Towels included. There is a small cafe downstairs, a lounge with TV and movies upstairs, internet and laundry available. They have a mini-bus that provides pickups from the bus terminal, so look out for the tout. RM30 – RM88.

Eating and drinking in Tanah Rata

There are a number of good restaurants in Tanah Rata. For good cheap Indian food try Restaurant Bunga Suria. There are several good Chinese restaurants.

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