Renting and riding a motorbike, moped or scooter in Goa, India

Goa is a small state, but exploring it by bus takes a
long time, and taxis can be expensive.  Renting a motorbike or moped is the
best way to explore this beautiful region.  Motorbikes and mopeds can be
rented in most places tourists are staying, and everyone seems to know someone
who has one for rent.  The roads in Goa are responsably good, especially for India.

The road signs in Goa are generally better than in most
places in India, and you’re unlikely to need a map.  If you are not sure
just ask a local, but never ask a leading question. Don’t ask ‘Is this the way
to Anjuna?’ as the response might be a yes even if the answer is no.  This
often happens because this is the only English response people know, or they
simply don’t know the way and they don’t want to disappoint.  Always ask
‘Which way to Anjuna?’, and asses your response.  Most Goan’s speak good
English and are more than happy to help.

Motorbikes cost around INR350 per day, maybe a little
more for an Enfield. But scooters, or mopeds, are more than adequate and cost
around INR250 per day.  You get get great discounts outside of the
high season.  The roads vary in quality, but most vehicles cruise at 80kph
on the NH17 main road, and the scooters can match this speed.  Of course
the Enfield is the classic Indian motorbike experience, but you may have to get
up early to secure one as there are fewer to rent.

When riding on the roads always give way to large
trucks, because they will push you off the road otherwise.  Also don’t
assume that other vehicles will give way at roundabouts.  Basically keep
your eyes peeled, ride safely and have fun.

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