Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia

Accommodation in Yogyakarta

Hotel Monica
Clean and pleasant hotel with friendly uniformed staff. There are a selection of room types, all with bathroom, ceiling fan, power, furniture and basic breakfast. You pay more for hot water, a wash basin and AC. We were able to checkout at 13:30, rather than noon by asking nicely. There seems to be permanent security on site. The friendly travel agent who hangs around the reception was excellent, and his day trips and savings for the nearby temples were genuine. Rooms from IRP95,000 including tax and breakfast.

Getting to and from Yogyakarta

Pangandaran – the easiest, quickest and most expensive way to get to Pangandaran is via bemo mini-bus. Expect to pay about IRP180,000 for a door-to-door service. Night buses get to Pangandaran at about 5am and normally stop at the PT Lotus Wisata travel agents, who are very helpful. It can be a bit inconvenient this early in the morning though.

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  1. Travelling to Yogyakarta, Indonesia
    Hi there,

    Just like to share with you guys some experience about my Yogyarkarta, Indonesia trip. It was such an amazing experience. Yogya has a lot of temples to be visited. You should never miss the Borobudur. It is the largest Buddhist monument ever built. The huge multi layered monument was built from over a million blocks of black volcanic stone, and actually assembled solely by human labour. Upon reaching the round terraces, expect to find a total of 72 magnificent stupas. The smallest ones have lattice structures enclosing statues of Buddha. It was an amazing view. Next came Prambanan Temple. A train shuttle is available around Prambanan Park for mere Rp.5,000. However I travelled to this temple solely by foot. Indonesia. For food, I recommend you guys to go to Jl. Malioboro, a food street in Yogya which served a great varieties of Yogyanese food. I especially miss their nasi gudeg, it was really yummy and it’s not too spicy. It served with warm rice, chicken, boiled egg, slightly spicy coconut sauce, tofu and other spices that i’m not very sure of it. The taste of it was really amazing and words can’t describe how tasty it was. Besides, You should try it snacks too, like the Kipo Kotagede, the taste of tapioca dough that filled with sweetened grated coconut is tasty. Last but not least, you should buy a guidebook as I really rely on it most of the time regardless of accommodation, food, sight-seeing, etc. I bought the guidebook from a4trip dot com. It is really a brief and clear guidebook. Hope it will help those who wish to visit yogyakarta.

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