Phuket Beaches, Thailand

Her is my guide to the beaches of Phuket.

  • Laem Singh – North of Patong. A beautiful, small, resort free bay backed by high cliffs. Although there are a few restaurants and hawkers, Laem Singh is probably the least touristy beach in Phuket. That said, the beach sees many visitors and there are plenty of sun loungers to rent. The high cliffs give the beach an isolated feel. There is some snorkeling at the side of bay. The waves can break with force on the shore, so take care. There are several restaurants to choose from, a few casual hawkers selling things and guys renting jet skis. There is a small car parking area at the top of the cliffs for scooter parking (20Baht).
  • Patong – The biggest, busiest and brashest of all Phuket beaches and resorts. Come her only for crowds, shopping, hassles and drinking.
  • Rawai – A low bit thin beach in the south. There are better beaches to visit.
  • Hat Nai – A quiet, pretty beach with few hassles and nice views of islands and yachts. Popular with westerners, particularly older couples. The resorts here are low key. There are a few restaurants overlooking the beach.

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