Travel Writing

Have you ever dreamed of making money from traveling?  If you love traveling then you probably have.  Most jobs in the travel industry are low paid, hard work,usually require long and unsocial hours, and you never get to do any travelling as you are working too much.  One of the exceptions however is travel writing.


Travel writers generally have a pretty good job.  The send their time travelling to various places, and writing about their esperiences.  And they get paid to do this!  Sounds like a great job doesn’t it?  Well it is, but it’s not an easy job to get into. 


Most travel writers write for guide books publishers. The publishers have established teams of writers

Many hotels will offer a discount to travel journalists
in the hope of a good review or referrals.  Print some business cards
describing your travel journalism (website address, etc.) and ask about discount
when checking in, obviously produce your business card at that point.  It
is generally better to ring ahead and mention that you are a travel

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