Cheapest countries for backpacking and traveling

If like me you like to spend long periods of time
visiting a country, rather than just a few weeks, you’ll probably be conscioius
of the cost.  Here are my favorite cheapest countries for
backpacking and traveling.  Each is safe, suitable for long stays and

  1. Nepal – Outrageous scenary of the Himalayas, the temples of Kathmandu and in Pokhara the  lakes, trekking, biking, rafting, drinking, smoking
    and great locals.  Get by on US$7 per day.

    Good: English spoken widely.  60
    day visa to most nationals upon arrival for US$30, easy to extend. 
    Bad: Maoist milita group causing political upheaval,
    but it dosn’t directly effect toursits. Terrible roads, so you can stay put
    longer!  Expensive beer.

  2. India – A backpackers favorite, and
    rightfully so.  A huge country offering so much; various religoins
    and temples, Taj Mahal, Varanasi, beaches of Goa and Kerala’s
    backwaters.  Get by on $10 per day, inflation is high though.
    Food, friendly people, English spoken everywhere, amazing colours, so much to
    Bad: Hassles, touts, visas take time to get now (get from home),
    hygiene is bad in places.

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