Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in the world. A fine mixture of classic architecture, fine weather and good tapas.

Recommended Barcelona

  • La Sagrada Familia – Gaudi’s amazing, and still unfinished Gothic cathedral
  • La Rambla – The 2km street running through the heart of the city, full of artists, markets and a few surprises. Watch out for pickpockets though.
  • The Gothic quarter – Small and dark allay ways, lined with buildings dripping with history and mystery
  • Beaches – few cities have such nice beaches within an easy 15 minute walk of the centre
  • Parc Guell – Gaudi’s alternative city park with stunning buildings.

Getting around

You can see the central sights of Barcelona my walking.  For La Sagdra Familia, and Parc Guell, take the metro.  Hiring a bike is a good option. 

Barcelona has a great Metro system. For longer stays buy the T5 or T10 tickets which gove 5 or 10 journeys at a reduced rate. For short stays consider the Bus Turistic (€16) which stops at all the major places.

Girona airport 

Budget flights use Girona airport, about an hour from the city. Flights are typically cheaper than the city airport, and the buses are synchronized with the flights. Buses go from the airport to the estacion d’nord bus terminal in Barcelona city, opposite the Arc d’Triomph metro stop. Tickets are available from Girona airport and the estacion d’nord bus terminal. The journey is about 1.5 hours, and tickets costs about €10.

Youth hostels

I’d recommend the 4Fun hostel in the Gothic quarter. It is run by nice south American owners, is a few minutes from the Rambla, 10 minutes from the beach, close to the ‘tree bar’ and around the corner from one of the best tapas bars in Spain.

2 thoughts on “Barcelona”

  1. Amazing architecture and more…
    Thanks for sharing your insights about Barcelona. As a member of a travel community, which has also launched a Spanish platform, I have found it quite interesting and note that you list some of the same attractions as have been reviewed by our members. Greetings from Cape Town!

  2. Katalonien Urlaub

    Barcelona is really one of
    Barcelona is really one of the most beautiful cities in the world! But it is important to mention that Barcelona is a catalonian city and that they originally speak catalan there. Ok, most of the people working in Barcelona speak Spanish but it is a sign of interest in foreign cultures if you spend a moment and inform yourself about catalan language and history.

    Fins aviat! 🙂

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