Thailand Travel Guide

Thailand at a glance

  • Southern Islands and beaches – Many people visit Thailand for the endless islands and beaches of the south.  Whilst they are good, you’ll actually find better islands and beaches throught southeast Asia, but not as many so close together and so easily accessible.
    • Ko Samui
    • Ko Pha Ngna
    • Ko Toa
    • Phuket
    • Krabi
  • Bangkok
  • Northern Thailand


Getting around

Scooters are in all tourist areas to rent from 150Baht per day.  Most are new.  Make sure you wear helmets at all times, especially in Phuket where they are mandatory.  You should have an Internatinal Driving Permit.  Riding without one can attract a fine of 300Baht.  Most rental agreements require that you pay the whole value of the bike should it get stolen.  Secure the bike at night, ideally somewhere safe.  Motorbikes are also often available.


Post is generally reliable.  Post boxes are regularly distributed and red in colour.  Stamps can be purchased in post offices, which are in all major towns and from larger 7 Eleven stores.

Mobile Phones

Non-Thai Sim cards normally work in Thailand, but you’ll pay a lot for calls.  Better to buy a Thai sim card.  You can get these from any phone shop and most corner stores.  There are 2 main companies, DTAC (Happy) and 12Call.  Both offer cheap local calls (2B per minute), but DTAC Happy is MUCH cheaper for international calls.  So get a DTAC Happy sim if you want to make calls home.

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