Malaysian Formula One 1 Grand Prix, Kuala Lumpur

The Mayalsian Grand Prix is one of the cheapest Grand Prixs to visit on the Formula One calendar. The Sepang Circuit is new and conveniently located right next to the KLIA international airport. Malaysia is a cheap country to visit, compared to western prices, and once you are in Malaysia you’ll find a weekend at the Malaysian Grand Prix to be much cheaper than a European Grand Prix.


General entry (hillstand) tickets are 100MYR (. There is a covered general entry area (C2 covered hillstand) which is recommended, as it protects you from the strong sunlight and monsoon rain, and costs 200MYR. The views from C2 are excellent.

There are a range of seated tickets available from 600MYR for the weekend, or 500MYR for Saturday and Sunday.

Tickets generally don’t sell out and are available on race day.

See the circuit seating map for the seating areas and the ticket information page for ticket prices and availability.

Getting to the circuit

On race day getting to and from the circuit can be take time. Trains and buses run throughout the day from various places in the city, and are fairly cheap.

Taxis are also good value. If you hail a taxi you’ll have to negotiate the price with the driver. You can also catch a taxi from a pre-paid taxi stand such as those at the airport, Sental railway station and other places. Airport limosene taxis are normally only a few Ringgit more than a regular taxi, and a much nicer way to travel, especially for a larger group of adults. Once the race is over you’ll find plenty of taxis waiting outside the circuit areas. Negotiate the price before getting in. If the price is too high haggle. If they don’t give a reasonable price then just try a different taxi.

Inside the circuit

Canned and bottled drinks are available from various stalls. A Tiger Beer costs MYR15, and soft drinks MYR5. Chicken & rice, hotdogs, samosas and sandwiches are also available. The quality is average and overpriced for the region.

Food and drink cannot be taken into the circuit. I recommend a hearty breakfast, or eat a sandwich on your way to the circuit.


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