Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang is a beautiful town and an excellent place to spend a
few days relaxing amongst the French colonial buildings and streets.
 Now a UNESCO World Heritage site.  The temples and the monks
are a major sight of the town.

Laos New Year (Pii Mai)

Pii Mai is a three day celebration in
mid-April.  Definately try and experience it, as it is very fun.
 During the celebrations people throw water, flower and sometimes
black paint (that will wash out of clothes) at everyone that passes.
 Expect to ge very wet, and enjoy yourselves.

During the New Year all accommodation is
snapped up quickly as Laos and foreigner visitors beseigh Luang
Prabang, so book well ahead.  If you do arrive without any
accommodation just keep wandering until you find something.

WiFi in Luang Prabang

There are a number of cafes offering
free and paid (5,000Kip per hour) services.  Look out for the WiFi
logos in their windows.


Outside of the New Year there is plenty of accommodation in Luang Prabang, and lots of nice places to stay.

Close to the river on a lane surrounded by other guesthouses.  Run
by a nice family with good English.  You might see the son as he
meets tuk tuks, offering visitors rooms.  Rooms have bathrooms,
fans, some furniture and are very clean. Towels, water and bananas are
provided.  Double rooms are 80,000Kip.

Killany Guesthouse
Beautiful rooms in a equally beautful building at the northern end of
town.  Run by a nice family with good English.  Rooms have
very nice beds and towels are provided.

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