Places I want to Visit

There are so many places in the world that I want to
visit.  I hope that my choices in life afford me the time and money to
visit them all. Here are some of the places I want to visit, in no particular

  • South America – From Mexico to
    Agentina, I want to see it all.  The lost empires, fjords, coldaras
    and relics of Inca and Maya traditions have fascinated me for years.  I’m
    hoping to ship a vehicle there and travel for a long time.

  • Tibet – A fascinating and inhospitable
    country.  Lhasa is the primary draw for me.  China’s occupation upsets
    me, and I fear so much has already been lost.  My tase of the Tibetan
    people and their culture in Nepal makes me want to visit more.

  • Sri Lanka – This tropical island
    tempts me greatly.  I love India, and hope to find ‘same, same, but
    different’ in Sri Lanka.  I’ll definately be visiting with a surfboard
    under one arm.

  • Taiwan – An island country, now
    independant of China, but with a shared strong cultural identity.  I
    believe it even has some surfing there.

  • China – A true giant of a country with
    string cultural heritage and endless exploring possiblities.  It doesn’t
    appear easy to travel in though; English is not widely spoken and I believe one
    needs a guide to visit most of the country.  The occupation of Tibet is an
    issue I feel very strongly about, but I doubt I will see Tibet’s return to
    indepedance in my lifetime.

  • USA – I do actually want to visit the
    USA.  I’ve not found myself there yet, but when I do I will buy a van and
    explore all of the parks, landscapes and beaches that I can.
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