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[img_assist|nid=88|title=Tapas|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=110|height=150]One of the best things about traveling is trying and experiencing new, different and authentic foods. It’s not always a good experience, everywhere in the world has some questionable foods. But normally, eating is one of the best parts of the day. Here are my favorite food experiences when travelling

  1. Indian food

    Just about everything I ate in India was amazing.  From fried bananas in the morning, washed down with chai, to palak paneer, malai kofta or samosas for lunch.  For dinner I tried just about every chicken dish I could find, from Kadai chicken, Jaipur chicken and of course Butter chicken (from which Chicken Tikka Masala comes).  In the south the endless (but surprsingly expensive) fish was fantastic.  Street-side stalls, whilst of questionable hygiene standards, always served the finest snacks and drinks at incredibly low prices.  Even on India’s trains the food is great.

  2. Tapas, Spain

    Standing at the bar, beer in one hand, cocktail stick in the other, picking away at little plates of high calorie, high fat and high taste foods. Tapas has got to be one of the best food experiences in the world. It’s not just about the food, it’s about the environment. Noisy, bustling bars, rammed with Spanish people, enjoying every moment and mouthful. I’ve spent a good deal of time travelling in Spain, and Tapas is still one of the highlights of Spanish life for me. My favorite is the well known bar in the lower Latin quarter of Barcelona. The name escapes me though…

  3. Pasta, Italy

    If you live in Europe, you’ll almost certainly have tried some form of pasta. But how authentic is it? For Italians, pasta is simple, with only a handful of ingredients. If like me, when you cook pasta you add all sorts of other things, most Italian mamas would scoff at. Pasta sauce in Italy, however, is pure, rich and truly fantastic. My favorite experience was a restaurant on a plaza in Florence.

  4. Just about anything, France

    Ever heard people talk about how good French food is? Yeah, me too, but it wasn’t until I spent time in France in 2006 that I got to try some real French food. And boy, was I pleased. Just about everything that passed my lips was excellent. From quiche, cheese, grapes, steak, potatoes, everything tasted like it was grown and cooked for me personally. Believe the hype!

  5. Steak, Australia

    In a country so vast as Australia, raising beef cattle is not a problem. Australian steaks and think, tasty and cheap. My favorite steak was probably at the Coogge Bay Hotel, at the steak bar!

  6. Roast dinner, England

    Ever heard how bad British food is? Well I think that’s a bit unfair. Disclaimer: I am British. Now that’s out of the way, Britain doesn’t have the long line of classics like France or Italy. Fish and Chips are not our national dish, it’s just something you might have when at the seaside. Britain is a massive cosmopolitan pot of people. It’s home to more curries than anywhere outside of Indian. Moroccan, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Asian and many more ethnic foods are in abundance and of top quality in Britain. But for me, the humble old roast dinner cannot be beaten on a cold Sunday evening. Steaming up the windows, sat in front of the fire, perfect. Of course, I hate British winters, and run away when the temperatures get anywhere less than 15 degrees Celsius. But when I am in England, a roast dinner is a must.

  7. Belgian waffles, Belgium

    When visiting Belgium in 2006 it never crossed my mind that I might stumble upon a waffle. But I did when wandering around Brussels. I waited in line like a good tourist, and watched them make my fresh warm waffle. Topped with jam, oh boy, truly fantastic. I didn’t try the chips/fries though.

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