Places I have lived

Here is a summary of the places I have lived, i.e. actually been based, and have a postal address. These are in the order I have liked them the most.

  1. Cubert, Cornwall, England

    I shared a house with my friends Jess and Adam from Sep-2005 to Sep-2006. I had intended to live there for only a few months, but I had a good contract, working from home, and stayed for a whole year. I spent the end of 2005 and the whole of summer 2006 surfing at the local beaches. Crantock was my favourite, just 5 minutes away. I didn’t surf at Holywell bay as much, which is just 2 minutes from Cubert. I used to walk at Holywell bay lots though. Cubert is an OK village, but the location is very handy for Newquay, and the beaches of the north coast. The thing that frustrated me was that Cubert is too far to walk into Newquay, which always compromised night life. I left the house to go on a camper van surfing trip to Europe. Ruth moved in after me.

  2. Perth, Western Australia

    Whilst on a year stay in Australia I drove across Australia to the city of Perth. I liked it and decided to stay and get a job. I got a job working for the water company there. I rented a room from two girls, Zoe and Phoebe, who became great friends. Matt, Zoe’s boyfriend became a really good friend. Cameron who I worked with at the water company was my best friend during my stay. We would regularly smoke, drink beer and go on trips out. I loved Perth so much that I always considered it a place to retire.

  3. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

    Whilst on the same stay in Australia that got me to Perth, I stayed in Sydney twice. For 2 months when I got there, I lived in Coogee Bay and worked for TK Services who maintained the national parks. The work has hard, wearing protective clothing on 30 degree heat, cutting grass all day long. The team where good, but they used to smoke pot for most of the day, which I always found strange. I saw some amazing sights doing that job, parks I would not have seen. Coogee Bay is full of backpackers and was a great place to stay.
    After traveling around Australia I returned to Coogee Bay to sell my van, which I did, to an Aussie block. I think I stayed for 2 or 3 weeks that time, before flying off to New Zealand. I always though of emigrating to Australia, and if I do Sydney is likely to be my home, because of the great beaches, variation of the city and the possibilities of work.

  4. Truro, Cornwall, England

    I grew up in Truro. Its a strange little town, with little to offer, but it seems to have a draw on people. I have lived in Truro various times in my life. My parents, sister, nephew, niece and grandparents live there.

  5. Torquay, Devon, England

    I moved to Torquay in February 2002 to start work for a computer software company based in Totnes. Torquay is a strange town, full of chavs, old people and people with money, although they are hidden away. I enjoyed some of my stay there, particularly the summer when I would explore on my motorbike, and take in the harbour and parks. I would travel home to Cornwall on many weekends and never really settled into the town. Initially I lived in a flat in Torre for a year, and then I rented a room from a Lady called Liz in Livermead for about 6 months.

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