Ibiza town and then party night in San Antonio

Steve and I head into Ibiza town. We stop for coffee ad juice, and then head into the old village. We walk right around to the top. We are both stunned by the age and beauty of the old village. There are many ghetto like areas, which provide a bizarre sight with the affluent and rich Ibiza town in the background. We take a walk around a few of the lanes by the port. We catch the bus back to San Antonio.

We decide to head out for one last big night. He have supplies to use up. We plan on just staying around the San Antonio area. We leave a bit later than expected, and miss the sunset. He head towards Savanna and can’t resist the offer of a free shot. We spend some time there, where we get given a pass for one of the big clubs. Steve blags another. I am not that keen on going, but don’t let on. As the night progresses Steve decides he is not that keen to head to the other side of the island. We continue our night by having a drink at Itaca, at the other side of the bar. We can’t find the vibe we are after, and have a drink at the El Tulip bar. Steve meets a Dutch girl there, and agrees to meet here for a coffee on Tuesday. We then head back to Cafe Mambo, where we see the night out until 03:30. We head back to the hotel to wind down.

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