Ibiza is a wonderful island to visit. Now famous for its often outrageous nightlife and clubbing scene, Ibiza has lots to offer anyone who enjoys mediterrean island life.

Costs in Ibiza

Despite what people may tell you, Ibiza is not an expensive destination. There are lots of places on the Island that charge well above normal prices. With a little leg work it is easy to find the places that are charing normal prices. Most things in Ibiza are the same cost, or cheaper that Spanish cities such as Barcelona and Madrid. Below is a guide to the important things.


The price of groceries in Ibiza varies greatly depending on where you buy them. The cheapest place to buy groceries is from the big name supermarkets: Suma, Maxi, Dia, Euroski. You can find small stores of these big names in the most populated ares of the island. The most expensive places to buy groceries is from the independent corner stores. These stores charge up to 3 times the normal price of goods, knowing that people will pay them.

Below is a guide to typical grocery prices.

ItemSupermarket costCorner store cost
Can of beer€0.60€0.35
Bottle of vodka€7€12
Orange Juice€0.70€2.50
Bottle of water, 1.5l€0.30€1.90

Restaurants in Ibiza

Tourist restaurants

The bars and restaurants of Ibiza generally fall into two categories: tourist and Spanish. The tourist restaurants and normally good value, €7 – €10 for a meal, and a reasonable value for drinks, €2 – €3 for a drink. These prices are typically for main land Spain. The menu is normally the same at all of these restaurants, although it is varied. The waiters will all speak English and Spanish, and sometimes other languages. The tourist restaurants are normally in the highest profile places, along seafronts and bust pedestrian areas.

Spanish restaurants

Hidden amongst the tourist restaurants and shops are a number of Spanish restaurants. These restaurants are catering for the Spanish residents, ans those looking for some authentic cuisine. Many are fairly bland, and of equal or often higher price than the tourist restaurants. Some are outstanding though, and worth investigating. The staff are likely to know some English, but having an understanding of Spanish will help greatly. The Spanish restaurants typically have cheaper drinks that the tourist restaurants.

Themed restaurants

There are many themed restaurants on the Island, particularly in Ibiza town. These generally offer excellent food, but are more expensive. Look out for the fancy seating and decor as you wander around.

The typical fast food establishments can be found in the busy tourist areas, if that is your thing.



Getting around

Ibiza is a beautiful island, and I recommend exploring at least some of it. There are regular buses between the resorts, such as Ibiza town and San Antonio. Taxis are plentiful and good value. However, if you want to get off the beaten track and explore then renting your own transport is a must.

Vehicle rental

Small cars cost €50 a day, but are difficult to park at beaches and in built-up areas. Cars are normally the best option for groups of 2 or more.
Scooters cost €25 per day, and are an excellent way to explore the island. Scooters can be parked anywhere and use little fuel (a lap of the island uses about €6). Scooters are more than quick enough to explore the twisty hills and coastal roads. Although you are better avoiding the main roads with scooters.

Many rental companies rent vehicles in 24 periods. This is often the best way to rent a vehicle. If you collect the vehicle at 4pm you can use it for the afternoon and evening. The following day you still have the majority of the day to explore. This effectively gives you 2 days worth of hire for 1.

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