Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Ninh Binh is a fairly large town in Vietnam.
 Although Ninh Binh has little to do itself, it has become a
popular travel hub as people explore the nearby Tam Coc, Hoa Lu and Cuc
Phuong National Park.


  • Tam Coc – Known as ‘Halong Bay on the Rice Paddies’ due to huge
    rock formations jutting out of rice paddies.  Tam Coc has
    breathtaking sceneray which is best explored by row boat on the Ngo
    Dong River.


Queen Mini-hotel

tel: 030 871 874
[email protected]

21 P Hoang Hoa Tham

Great value friendly hotel, run by Mr Luong.  A choice of rooms
from simple singles to ensuite Triples with AC, TV and fridge.
 Good friendly, honest service.  The restuarant serves good
food from a simple menu.  The railway station is just 30m away,
but the hotel is still quiet.  Mr Luong can arrange bus tickets,
motorbike rental and tours of the area.  Rooms from 48,000Dong to

Thanh Thuy’s Guesthouse

tel: 030 871 811

[email protected]

128 P Le Hong Phong

Rooms available in the old  guesthouse and newer and slighty
more expensive hotel.  Rooms are a good size, clean and a decent
price.  The restuarnt serves good food and tours can be arranged.
Rooms from 192,000Dong.  

Just as I am finishing my shower in the
morning there is a knock at the door. I say ‘hello’, and someone
replies and then unlocks the door and tries to come into the room.
Strange. I get dressed and unbolt the door. A guy says the TV is
not working and that he wants to fix it. I say ‘don’t worry’ as I am
not using the TV. He says that the other TV’s are not working and
tries to walk in. My girlfriend is still in bed, and I have to stop him with
my hand and push him back out. Very strange.

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