Food and drink in Nepal

Nepali food and drink is a little dull, but away from the trekking lodges, where is a massive choice of good quality food and drink to choose from.

Important : don’t ever drink the tap water in
Nepal.  It is OK if treated, and most restaurants boil and filter their water.  Tea is safe.  Bottled water is everywhere, but check the seal.

Nepali food

Daal bhaat (lentil and vegetable curry) is eaten twice a
day by 95% of Nepali people. It is a cheap and filling meal, but can get boring quickly. It is often the only meal available in trekking lodges, but you wont mind if you have been trekking for 6 hours that day. At a restaurant expect to pay NRS100, less at a trekking lodge and as little as NRS25 at a proper Nepali eatery.

  • To eat daal bhaat the local way, pour the soupy daal
    onto the rice, mix it into balls with your fingers, add a bit of pickle and
    vegetables and shovel it into your mouth with your right hand. 

  • Don’t eat with your left hand, that is reserved for
    toilet duties.

  • Ask for a spoon if you want one.  Nepali people often use a spoon if they cannot wash their hands.

Tourist food

In all tourist friendly areas in Nepal (Kathmandu and Pokhara) you will find a massive selection of Italian, Greek, Indian, Mexican and other foods, such as hamburgers. Meals are cheap, about NRS200 (US$2.85), but this can be three times price of eating local food.


No trip to Nepal is complete without trying MoMos. Tibetan vegetable (and sometimes chicken) dumplings carefully wrapped and normally steamed (the best) and sometimes fried, served with a medium spicy sauce. MoMos are a great snack or even a meal. You should try them at least once. A plate of 8 or so cost NRS70, and are served everywhere, even if not on the menu.


Tea is served everywhere in Nepal and costs about NRS10. Beer is heavily taxed and costs a whopping NRS190 for a 650ml bottle. Here are a few examples prices:

  • Tea – NRS10
  • Filter coffee – NRS30
  • Fruit juice – NRS50
  • Lasse (yoghurt drink) NRS100
  • Beer – NRS190
  • Wine (bottle) – NRS600

Eating on the cheap in Nepal

Here is an example of how to get good food at minimal cost in Nepal

BreakfastFruit or pastryNRS30
LunchMoMos and teaNRS80
DinnerDaal bhaat or curry with teaNRS110
Total NRS250

Eating like a king in Nepal

Eating well also doesn’t cost a lot in Nepal, but it
will drive up your daily costs a lot.

BreakfastSet breakfastNRS120
LunchCurry, MoMos, soup or sandwich with fruit juiceNRS170
DinnerPizza, steak, burger or mexicanNRS220



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