itravelabout.com is a free source of travel information, all of it compiled by myself, and most of it whilst traveling.  I hope it helps you decide where you want to travel and helps you get the most from you traveling.

My Travel Blogs

My travel blogs are my daily experiences and thoughts, which I hope will help you gain an insight into a region I have traveled.  They also serve as a travel diary for me.

My Photographs

I’m not a professional photographer, by I hope that my photos can give you a glimpse of what places are like, and the experiences I have had there.

Many of the photos on this website have been take by Abby Coombes.

Destination Information

I write information about the destinations I have visited to help other travelers who are thinking of visiting, or are planning a trip to a location.   See the destination travel guide .

Travel Writing & Travel Blogging

I provide information to help other travel writers and bloggers.  I am a technical person, and have never studied writing, so my information is here to help get your thoughts and ideas online.


All of the information in this website is impartial.  I do not accept money to write favourably about companies or services.  This website does have some advertising, which is clearly labelled, and not hidden amongst the real recommendations.

Also see my disclaimer .

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