My worst travel experiences

Travel brings many good times but also some bad. Here are my worst traveling experiences.

  1. Hospital in Santander, Spain

    During my camper van trip across western Europe in 2006 I had a skin cell infection on my neck. A lump the size of an egg appeared on my neck, and I had to get myself to a hospital in Santander. I was a bit worried at first. My Spanish was minimal then, but things went OK. The hospital was great, as were the staff. Within a week I was back in the water surfing.

  2. Lost bag in El Jadida, Moroco

    I took a bus from Casablanca to El Jadida in Morocco. When the bus stopped in El Jadida, and we all got out my bad was not in the storage area of the bus. The bus drove away and I was a bit surprised. A helpful chap came over to me and asked I was missing a bag. I said I was, and he said to wait as my bag may be on another bus. Soon after another bus arrived with my bag. The thought of loosing my bag on the start of the trip was not a good one!

  3. Broken van in outback Australia

    Having driving half way across Australia (Australia is probably a LOT bigger than you think) myself and a friend were in Alice Springs, pretty much in the middle. We filled up with gas and went to drive away. Only thing was, then engine wouldn’t start. I am pretty handy with mechanics, but I was a bit worried. The starter wouldn’t turn at all. I looked and checked for a while, but nothing would happen. Then, a helpful Swedish chap came over and said he has the same problem with his car. All I had to do was wait, as the engine was simple too hot. We waited, and the engine started. That was a big relief, the middle of Australia is not a place to break down!

  4. No flight home in Australia

    After having a great time touring right around Australia, I got back to Sydney and checked my flight details. I called the office of Philippine airways, but got a recorded message saying they were no longer trading. Oh…. After some investigating I discovered that I was a ‘stranded passenger’. Malaysian airways helped me out and gave me a much reduced airfare home. Never buy the cheapest air ticket!

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