Scooter day 2 – around the north of Ibiza Island

Steve and I jump on the scooter early. We head north to Sant Agnes, and grab a coffee.

We then wind our way through the beautiful mountain roads of the north. We stop at Port de Sant Miquel de Balansat. We take a swim in the warm and clear water. We soon hit the road again, stopping along the mountain road as the views are amazing. We continue to a gas station near Sant Joan, and then head south. We cut inland to Es Cana. We stop for something to eat. When we set off again we head down the coastal road, stopping at the hippy market which we pass.

We head further south, stopping at Cala Llonga, for our last swim of the day. The Jellyfish we have seen earlier in the week are around, and we only have a brief swim. We jump back on the scooters and head back towards San Antonio.

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