Intended future travel trips

Here are travel trips I hope to take in the future

France, Spain and Portugal

During the summer of 2006 I started to surf at the local beaches in Cornwall, where I live. I built my own camper van, with the intention of driving it through Europe. I hope to drive from France, starting near Paris, across the northern and western coasts, into Spain and down to Portugal. I will visit many beaches along the way, to surf as much as possible. From the south of Portugal I will drive east across the Mediterranean, through Spain and into the south of France. From there I will make my way back to Santander in Spain to catch the ferry to Plymouth. I will also visit such as Paris, Lisbon and Barcelona, and classic sites such Mont St Michel. You can read about this trip.

Estimated time: 2 months
Estimated cost: €2,800 (£2,000)

22-Oct-2006 – I am in Peniche in Portugal. I am having a great time and have decided to stay in Portugal to surf for longer. Therefore I will get to perhaps Gilbralar and travel back upon myself. I have decided to stay for more than the 2 months I initially thought.

Eastern and northern Europe – Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, Finland, Stockholm, Norway

A trip to catch up with German friends, and to see the capitol cities of eastern and northern Europe. I will start by flying to Colgone, or there abouts, and meet friends Florain and Nicle, who I met in Portugal. I will then travel to Rinteln, which is the town I was born in, and somewhere I have not returned to since. Then to Hanover, to met Markus and Phillip who I met in France. Then to Berlin for a few days of seeing the city. Then to Prague in the Czech Republic. From Prague I may go to Poland, as it seems a cheap option. I’d hoped to visit Mink in Belarus, but I do not seem to meet visa requirements, as I wont be booking accommodation or onward travel in advance. Therefore, I may catch a flight from Prague to Moscow. I will spend a few days in Moscow, before catching a bus to St Petersburg. After being in St Petersburg for a few days I will travel to Helsinki in Finland. Then by ferry to Stockholm in Sweden. From Stockholm to Oslo in Norway. I have aways wanted to see the Arrora Borealis (Northern Lights), which are best seen in Tromso in northern Norway, and hope to do that whilst there. There is a very tempting train ride from Oslo to Bergen which I hope to take.

Expected time: 1 month, probably in May 2007
Estimated cost: €1,400 (£1,000)

South America – Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile

Flying into Ecuador, spending time at the Galapagos Islands, then traveling south. I hope to spend a month surfing in Ecuador, as well as exploring the coast. I also hope to spend a month surfing in Peru, as well as taking in the normal sights such as Machu Pichu and the Nazca lines. I’ll spend some time in Bolivia, before crossing over to Brazil. I’ll go to Rio de Deginro, before heading south to the Iguaza falss and then south. I’ll hoping to spend another month in Brazil surfing, around Fliorinapolis. Then i’ll cross into Aregnetina. Perhaps I’ll visit Patagonia. Then I’ll cross into Chile. I’ll then go to Easter island. I’m hoping to then continue onto Tahiti. Tahiti is not high on list of countries to visit, but its part of the round the world ticket I have looked at, and is an onward flight from Easter Island.

Expected time: 6 months, probably June 2007
Estimated cost: US$6,000 (£3,500)

Australasia – Tahiti, Auckland (New Zealand) and Australia

Landing in Tahiti, from Easter Island (see above), I’ll spend 3 days exploring the local area, without venturing too far. The round the world ticket then takes me to Auckland in New Zealand. I spent 6 weeks in New Zealand in 1998, and stayed in Auckland. I would like to go back for a few days, but it is not essential, its just part of the route to Australia. After 3 days in Auckland I will fly to Sydney. I spent a year in Australia in 1998. I loved Sydney, and hope to spend a week there exploring and surfing. I’ll then fly onto Perth in Western Australia. I have a great friend called Cameron in Perth, who I haven’t seen since 1998. I am hoping to spend a week with him, then a week with a great friend Rach, who used to live in Cornwall. I am hoping to spend a week with her in Busselton. Then back to Perth for a week, before going up to Broome. My friends Matt and Zoe, who I lived with in Perth, now live in Broome. I visited Broome in 1998 and loved it, so it will be great to go back again. From Western Australia I will fly to Bali in Indonesia.

Expected time: 2 months
Estimated cost: US$1,600 (£900)

South east Asia – Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia

Continuing from Australia (see above), I’ll spend a month in Bali, exploring the island and surfing. I’ll then spend another month traveling by land and ferry across Indonesia to get to Singapore. I will spend a couple of days in Singapore, hopefully looking up a friend from Barcelona (Gabriel). Then 14 days in Malaysia, travelling up to Thailand. 2 months in Thailand sightseeing, before entering Laos. 2 weeks in Laos sightseeing before crossing into Vietnam. I’ll spend 2 weeks in Vietnam travelling down the coast before crossing into Cambodia. In Cambodia I will spend 2 weeks exploring the sights and monument, including Ankor Watt. From here I will either continue into China and India, or fly home. It will depend on money.

Expected time: 6 months
Estimated cost: US$3,800 (£2,100)

Central Asia – China, Tibet, Nepal and India

In China I hope to see several cities, The Great Wall, and Terracotta warriors. From China I will cross into Tibet for 3 days, and then Nepal for 4 days. From Nepal I will cross the Himalaya into India. I will spend 1 month in India visiting sights.

Expected time: 10 weeks.
Estimated cost: US$2,000

Road trip across the USA

I love road trips, and would like to drive across the USA. The USA is not high on my list of countries to visit, but take several months to cross it does interest me.

Expected time: 3 months
Estimated cost: US$4,000

Road trip on the east coast of Australia

In 1998 I spent the year living in Australia. I drove pretty much around the entire country, seeing so many great things. One of the best parts to explore is the east coast. This has the greatest concentration of things to see, things to explore and great beaches. I would love to go back and explore this again.

Expected time: 6 months
Estimated cost: AUS$4,000

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