Travel Security Tips

Theft occurs in every country of the world.  In
some countries more than others.  Thieves often target travelers and
tourists as they are likely to have valuables and cash.  Thefts from hotel
rooms and luggage tend to more common than muggings.  Here are some tips to
help you avoid such problems


  • Always keep your valuables (money and passport) in a hotel
    safety deposit box, or on your person.   When you leave your room
    put all your valuables inside your backpack and lock it.  Thieves
    are unlikely to steel your backpack, but could take individual items
    such as money, cameras, etc.
  • Take only your towl, sunscreen and some change to the
    beach.  Cameras, phones, MP3 players, etc will only get stolen or

Hotels and guest houses

  • Ground floor hotel rooms are the easiest to break
    into.  Stay further up for more security.
  • Always close your hotel windows when going out. 
    It is easy to climb between balconies
  • Always secury hotel rooms at night when
    sleeping.  Thieves can operatly silently.
  • You hotel room key is not the only one, the staff
    have more.  However, taking your key with you, rather than leaving it
    at reception, can reduce uninvited visitors to your room.
  • Before checking out, check you have all of your valuables.
     Finding something is missing when you are in the next town makes
    it difficult for to resolve a situation with a guest house should
    something go missing.


  • Padlock the zips of your backpacks when your bag is
    out of your care and when you leave it in your room.
  • Chain you luggage to furniture when going out.
  • Use small karibinas to secure zip tabs together on
    day packs, so thieves cannot quicky unzip your bag.

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