Staying in Beach Huts – a guide

Tips when viewing beach hut

Before accepting a beach hut and parting with cash check
the following:

  1. Check for rodent droppings or poison on the
    – if there are any decline the
    room.  Rodents can chew through your things as well as prove to
    be unpopular visitors in the night.

  2. Check the facilities – if you don’t have your own mosquito net check one is
    provided.  Also check there is a ceiling fan, light and power if you need
    those things.

  3. What’s around? – are their bars
    either side of the beach hut that play loud music all night long?  Is
    there a well used lane own the side of your hut? Lanes often bring noise and
    an increased security risk.

  4. Ask the check out time – don’t
    assume its noon, you don’t want to be charged for another night.

Tips for staying in a beach hut

  1. Use your own padlack on the door – you don’t know who might have keys for the provided
    padlock.  So use your own – keyless combination padlocks are
    particularly good, as there are no keys to loose.

  2. Secure your poseesions – beach huts
    are easy to break into.  Padlock luggage zips and locks when going out,
    also secure your lugage to fittings such as bed frames using a chain or
    similar.  Most thieves will grab what they can quiclky and run.  The
    harder you make it the less they are likely to take.  Stash valuables in
    the bottom of secured luggage.

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