Scooter day 1 – around the south of Ibiza island

Steve and I arrange some scooter hire. The friendly English guy picks us up and he head over to San Antonio bay. We do all the paperwork and head off. It is great fun riding the scooters. They are definitely the best way to get around the island. We head east and ride until we get to Cala Conta. There are lots of people around and the views are beautiful. We hand around and enjoy the sun.

We then head south along the coast road to Cala Moli. We take a swim and relax for a while. We then head further south to Cala Vedella. We stop at the top of the hill and enjoy the amazing views. We head down and park up. There are lots of families enjoying the beach. The water is surprisingly polluted. Steve gets chatting to a crazy Italian guy, and gives him a lift to the top of the hill on the other side of the bay.

We continue on south towards Es Vedra. We’re not sure where to stop for the best views of the island, and eventually pass Es Vedra. We decide to keep going and return there another day.

We carry on riding, passing lots of beautiful vistas. We end up in Ibiza town, where we park up. We take a good walk around, taking in the various sights of the capital town. We stop for food at a good looking Spanish restaurant. The food is great and the atmosphere of the narrow streets is also great. After talking to some people we jump back on the scooters and head back towards San Antonio. The drive back along the main road is not good, as the road is big and busy. But at least it is a quick road. We park the bikes up near our hotel.

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