Gunung (Mount) Bromo, Java, Indonesia

Gunung Bromo is a spectacular volcanic landscape on the island of Java, Indonesia.  The 3,000 meter altitude provides very cool air.

The best way to view Gunung Bromo is by jeep, particularly at sunrise from the viewing point.

The towns around Gunung Bromo

Cemoro Lawang

Cemoro Lawang is the most popular, and the best town to stay in to visit the Guning Bromo area.  Situated on the lip of the Tengger crater and right at the start of the walk to Bromo.  The views are incredible.  There are several good hotels and eateries, the locals are friendly and knowledgeable, and there are few touts.  It’s a scenic 1 hour mini-bus ride away from Probolinggo.

Accommodation in Cemoro Lawang


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