Shopping in Bali – Kuta, Bali

Abs and I head over to he Matahari shopping centre. Abs wanted to get a dress and some new sunglasses.

Abs doesn’t find the long dress she is after, but she does get some sunnies, and a new pair of flip-flops.

On the way over I notice that my flip-flops are about to die, so I get a new pair and…. I find a cheap guitar. Only IRP400,000 (£25) and a lot better than the one that I bought in Indonesia last year.

So all round, a great days shopping, and it really didn’t cost very much.

The Matahari store is a great place to shop in Kuta. The market stalls that line the streets all same the same stuff, and it’s way overpriced, meaning harsh bargaining is required to get a fair price. The Matahari is probably overpriced by locals standards, but great for us visitors.

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