Earthquake in Bali

I’ve experienced my first earthquake here in Bali. Everything seems fine, there are no warnings.

At around 7am local time, I was awake and thinking about getting up when I felt a minor tremor. Then immediately after the proper earthquake could be felt. It lasted for about 5 seconds from start to finish.

There is no obvious sign of damage to anything. There was a little noise during the quake as things around me were shaken.

The guys who run the guest house here don’t seem bothered at all, so it must be a fairly regular occurrence.

I checked a few websites, and it seems the earthquake occurred 60 miles south of Bali. This is a worry as this is a dangerous area for earthquakes near Bali. The same fault that caused the 2004 Asia Tsunami also runs south of Bali. And it is this fault that is most likely to cause a Tsunami for Bali, especially for Kuta and other southern resort areas.

There seems to be no warning given.

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