Kuala Lumpur to Singapore

After a casual day in the city we grab our bags from the hotel and take the Metro to the KL Sentral railway station.
The train, is of course, delayed. But only by about 30 minutes.

Once on the train we settle in, but some of our fellow passengers don’t. A big group of Indian travellers are spread along our carriage. But hey have been allocated the top bunks, rather than the bottom bunks. This is a huge problem for them it seems. They are all elderly and I guess the top bunk is not easy for all of them.

They spend the whole night complaining and shouting at various people. Eventually they end up bargaining and swapping bunks with people. Not before they’ve laid on, eaten on, and messed up other peoples lower bunks. Sad.

Indian passengers, making a lot of fuss

We have a great time enjoying our snacks, watching them argue, and eventually get some sleep, with the aid of earplugs.

In the morning we are woken by the immigration officers, and we cross in Singapore.

The customs is straight forward, and we watch with excitement as we roll across Singapore.

The landscape is new, modern, clean and dense, very different when compared to the rural Malaysia we have just left.

We get to Singapore station and head off on foot.

We ask several people for directions to the Metro, and find people to be so friendly and helpful.

We make it to the hotel, the Ibis. This hotel costs us £50 a night, compared to the £10 we normally spend. But it is really nice – a short of luxury we rarely see on our budget travels.

We enjoy every bit of staying in this hotel, especially the buffet breakfast. I have a big appetite and try just about everything on offer. Yum !

Singapore is expensive for almost everything, so shopping is kept to a minimum. We love walking around though.

We only have a few days, and cram the activities in. The zoo was great, and exploring the city in the evening provides great photo opportunities.

Singapore CBD skyline at night

After a few days we take the AirAsia flight to Bali.

Clouds between Singapore and Bali

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