More shopping and walking – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We get up at 07:30, quickly shower, then take the train over to the Petronas Towers. We had read that the tickets for the sky bridge sell out by about 11 am. We get there at 9am to find a massive cue, and the sign stating the tickets are all gone is already out. We ponder joining the cue, but it is massive. It’s a shame, and we figure this is a bigger than usual crowd today. Oh well.

We grab some breakfast and take a look around the shops, most of which aren’t even open yet. After an hour or so we decide to head over to Buka Bintang, the series of shopping centres, including the IT mega-mart Low Yat.

On the walk we find a park by the Petronas Towers, and find several impressive buildings. Once we get there we take a good look around. Abby buys a new top, I buy a new shirt, and we replace the LAN cable we use for our computers. I don’t by the TV cable for my MacBook that I have been thinking about, as it’s just more crap to carry around.

I am annoyed at the amount of stuff I am carrying at the moment, even having had a good clear out. I reckon I can throw away 50% of the stuff I have, even though the items seem essential, and still travel fine. But we only have 2 more journeys to make (KL to Singapore, and Singapore to Bali) before stopping for a while, so I will keep my stuff until we start taking lots of small journeys again.

After the Bintang shops we take a walk back to KLCC, the home of the Petronas towers. After a lot of walking we catch the monorail back to the hotel, and sort our bags out for tomorrow.

Kuala Lumpur Monorail

in the evening we take another long walk through Little India. We stop for Indian food…. hmmmmm…. yummm….

Petronas Towers at night

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