Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

We arrive in KL, at the Pudaraya bus terminal. We’re familiar with this bus station, and easily find our way to the Metro stop.

We have visited KL may times, always staying with our friends Cameron and Anna. Cameron now lives in Bali though, so we decide to stay in the Tune Hotel, downtown. Cameron and Anna lived an hour outside of the city, in the very un-atomspheric suburb of Puchong Prima.

We decided to stay downtown to get a feel for the city, and to do all of the things we haven’t done here.

After taking the Metro to the Tune Hotel, and checking in, we hit the streets. We’ve a love of shopping centres. Not that we buy much, but we like to walk, look and enjoy the air conditioning.

Inside the life – Kuala Lumpur Tune hotel

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