Beaches and the Thai Police, Phuket, Thailand

We head out on the scooter towards a inviting beach called Friendship Beach. When we get there we realise that it is a private resort and not a beach. We ride to Rawai beach, which is not much of a beach at all, so we ride onto Hat Nai beach, where we had been before.

We settle on the sand for a few hours and grab lunch before riding back to Phuket to drop off the scooter.

Near Phuket town we are stopped by the police. He asks for my passport, which the scooter rental people have, and then my license. I don’t have my licence with me (silly I know) and he issues me a 300Baht fine. Thankfully the police station is just down the road and I ride off to pay it, whilst Abby has to stay behind as a ‘deposit’. To my great delight the police station staff are friendly and quick and I’m back to show the police my receipt, and to collect Abby within 10 minutes. That could have been a lot worse. Abby tells me he stopped several westerners and checked their documents. A nice little earner for the Thai Police.

We get back to the scooter rental place late, but nothing is said.

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