Phuket to Surat Thani, and then Ko Phang-Na, Thailand

After breakfast we head up to the Phuket Bus station to buy tickets to Ko Phang-Na. We have been disappointed by some of the beach areas in Thailand, as they as so busy with tourists, and we hope that Ko Phang-Na is the slice of backpacker folklore we are looking for. I find the ticket office for the company I have read about (Phantip) and by two tickets.

We sit back and wait, and laugh at the touts who are trying to sell us travels. The 4.5 hour bus ride seems to take a long time, and then we have to take another bus to the ferry terminal, and then wait for the ferry.

On the ferry we are approached by an accommodation tout who is very friendly and helpful. We choose a budget place, Sun View for 300Baht, as we get a free pick-up from the ferry jetty, which is much needed at this time of night. Eventually we get to Ko Phang-na at 21:00, 12 hours after we left the guesthouse this morning. But, it’s been a nice chilled day. We jump in the back of the pick-up and have the most fun ride of the day as we drive across the island with the wind in out hair.

Sun View is great, and the bungalows are more than fine. We grab a drink and crash out.

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  1. Sorry but the section on
    Sorry but the section on “abby was the deposit” made me laugh so much…. possibly a little nervously laughing, i was eagerly reading on to see that everything turned out fine. I love reading this Darren, all of it is so well written, its great, like an online diary…. Miss you a lot mate, think Kurt is getting withdrawal symptoms now for his Tues night cup of tea and boys telly…. xxxxxxxx

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