Scooter day to Laem Singh Beach and Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand

We venture out early and ride to Laem Singh, a beach recommended in the Lonely Planet as ‘may be that elusive piece of paradise’. It’s a nice spot, and although a little more touristy than we had hoped for, it is free from the normal tourist overload. We swim, relax and eat lunch – all the good things.

After lunch we head to Patong beach to see what we are not missing. Patong is the epicentre of Phuket tourism and exactly what we don’t want. We park up the scooter and grab a drink and fruit salad. We walk amongst the shops, getting hassled, something we have been spared in Phuket town. We stop for a drink on the beach and watch the world go by. It’s a nice stop, but we’re glad we are not staying here.

The clouds start to darken and we jump back on the bike. We take a different route back to Phuket town, as the signs are a bit contradictory. We also get very low on fuel, but we make it back fine.

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