Delhi, a walk around, and a bit of planning

After landing last night I got through customs quickly, grabbed by bag and got some money. Then I got my lift from the airport to the hotel. Also in the van was a German girl, who had problems with her baggage, even though she was on the same flight. Because she didn’t have any money I paid her tip for her.

They hotel (Anoop) is fine for the price. The area was hard to judge at 4 am. The thing I remember was a massive cow sitting outside the hotel. My body clock is upset and I finally get to sleep at around 5 or 6 am.

I wake at 12 and venture outside. I take a long walk down the main bazaar. A few people try and tap me up for things, but I politely decline. I buy an electricity plug converted and more water.

Back in the hotel I check out the hotel restaurant, which is quite good. I have a vegetable curry, which is ok, and two sprites. This comes to 114RS, about £1.50 or $3. I spend ages thinking about how I want to travel and where I want to go. I check a few tour companies online, and a few airlines. Eventually I decide that I will train to Agra and Varanasi, then fly to Kathmandu. Once I tour around Nepal I hope to fly to Goa.

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