Waking down the Bazaar in Pahaganj in Delhi

I just took another walk down the main Bazaar in Pahaganj, Delhi. I love the commotion that goes on, with people, rickshaws, tuk-tuks and sellers all battling to be the loudest.

The selection of goods and services on offer are amazing. I took a few side streets on this walk, and saw some different things. The fabrics and souvenirs are the most impressive sights, but with no desire to carry anything more than I have I walk past with nothing more than a glance.

I intend to send some boxes of things home for people later in my trip, and intend to send myself some lovely things home too

The thing that always stands out though are the cows. Of course sacred to Hindus, cows are everywhere in India. It seems everyone leaves then alone, and they find enough food to keep moving along. In fact, cows seem to the ultimate hobo or traveler in India 🙂

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