Nearly miss my flight to Delhi

I wake at 07:30, beating my alarm. I shower, have bananas and coffee for breakfast and catch the shuttle bus to Heathrow terminal 4.

I notice that my flight says ‘please wait’, so I do, for about an hour. As time goes gets close to my departure I ask at the information desk, they say check-in is closing 1 minute! It seems the board has been wrong all morning. I rush through security, and run to the gate, only to find they haven’t started boarding, even though there has been a final call. I’ve just re-learnt a valuable lesson – ask questions.

The flight is fine, quite good in fact. I swap seats so that a couple can sit together, goat do good turns. I sit with two Indian ladies. The mum is from Delhi, but she and her daughter now live in Baltimore.

I’m amazed by the choice of onboard entertainment – movies, tv programs and music all through an on-demand system. I realise that I haven’t been on a Boeing 747 for nearly 10 years. That’s a sobering fact for someone with a passion for travel.

I am looking forward to experiencing India, but think that I should limit my time in Delhi as I think Rural India will be more to my liking. I am also excited about Nepal. I hope to take an overland trip with a reputable tour company from Katmandu to Delhi, and then perhaps take a train towards Goa.

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