JFK vs Heathrow

No contest, hands down Heathrow is the winner.

I used to think that London Heathrow airport was a bit shabby. I was a bit embarrassed that the UK’s biggest airport was this way.

However, having just flown JFK to Heathrow, my opinion has changed.

JFK is slow, the staff are most unhelpful and plain awkward. USA the land of customer service? Maybe in a diner, but not at JFK.

The USA security staff take their jobs very seriously. OK, they should, but it’s frustrating when they don’t give you all of the information, then treat you like a terrorist for not following the rules they haven’t given you.

Also, USA immigration is OK. Canada is terrible. They just assume everyone is a terrorist. But at Heathrow, we were through in minutes.

Good job UK 🙂

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